DevelopMental Limited

DevelopMental is a software consulting company that specialises in building and troubleshooting Microsoft dot net applications.

We have our own proven application framework, code generators and templates that can be used as a base for any development project if required.

We are equally at home working on small single developer projects as we are working within multi-developer teams on large and complex projects.

How can we help you:

  • Design
  • We can provide advice on the different application types, application structures and what will best suit your business requirements
  • We can provide high level architectural advice or write technical specifications
  • Development
  • We can provide experienced and competent developers to build your application using your framework or ours
  • We can work in a leadership capacity or can just be an extra pair of hands if that is all that is required
  • Our developers are happy to begin work with the initial planning phase or if required, they can integrate themselves into a project that is well on its way to completion
  • We can also help with any legacy VB6 applications that require maintenance or rework
  • Implementation
  • We can help you deploy your application, whether it be a windows smart client with 'click once' deployment, a windows fat client, or web application
  • Troubleshooting
  • We can help with projects that don't appear to be scaling well, have bottlenecks and performance problems, or even just provide a sanity check on current or completed development